Get back some or all of your Part B premium with a Giveback plan from Wellcare.

The credit you deserve with Wellcare Giveback plans.

Get a credit directly on your Social Security check or on your Part B Premium Statement.

2022 The premium for part B will increase If you’re looking for a premium savings you can count on, our Medicare Advantage Part B Giveback plans might be what you are looking for. Designed for people that prefer a plan with a set, guaranteed monthly premium refund, Wellcare Giveback plans are best for those who believe they have stable health care needs that want a savings they can count on. With Giveback plans, you have the freedom to use your funds for other items as you see fit. It’s a flexible way to think about your healthcare coverage.

What’s more, Wellcare Giveback plans come with valuable extras, like dental, vision, hearing, fitness and more – to help you take control of your health.

Giveback plans are available in select Wellcare markets.

How Giveback plans work

Giveback plans, also known as a dividend, are plans designed to reduce your costs by “giving back” some or all of your Part B premium. The dividend is delivered directly on your Social Security check or appears as a credit on your Medicare Part B Premium Statement. When choosing a Giveback plan, it is important to note that sometimes it may take up to 90 days for your initial refund to appear on your Social Security check or your Medicare Part B Premium Statement. However, there’s nothing you need to do to set it up – once processed, the dividend amount will be credited automatically.

For Veterans

Our set of MA-only give back plans are for retired Veterans who receive free prescription medications through the VA. These MA-only plans don’t include Part D prescription drug coverage, so Veterans can pick a plan where they can enjoy up-front savings on Part B, too.

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